Dambuster triathlon swim start

Course Maps

The Swim

A single loop around Whitwell creek. This is the perfect spot to swim with shelter from the prevailing conditions and close proximity to transition.

You'll enter the water next to Rutland Watersports before swimming out to the main body of the reservoir. At the furthest marker buoy you'll turn left - swim the width of the creek then turn left again making your way back into the creek. 
After swimming all the way back into the creek you'll turn left and left again to face back where you started.

There is one right turn in the entire course located at the exit of the swim. 

There's a new exit point for 2021 which is close to transition and easy on your feet. 
(the car park has been re surfaced so is a little rough for running on so we've moved a little)

 Swim Map.jpg
The dambuster Triathlon bike course map

The Bike

A lap around Rutland Water and the wider county of Rutland. The route is a real mix of flat out sections, technical riding and rolling countryside. 

Riders will leave Whitwell and head along the A606. Barnsdale hill gives a great opportunity to put some pace down.

Turning left on the outskirts of Oakham riders will go through the Rutland rollers on the way to Uppingham.

You go flat out along the A47 to Morcott before turning towards South Luffenham.

You'll experience some beautiful Rutland villages along this section.

On the outskirts of Ketton you'll climb Steadfold lane, a real lung buster climb.

After conquering the hill you're back onto the A606 with some long expanses of Tarmac, some winding villages and eventually back to the event hub. 

Run Course

It's a real beauty of a run course, The turn point is at Rutland most famous landmark, Normanton Church. 

You can eye the competition as you pass on the out and back to the church. 

The course has epic views across the main body of Rutland Water, the vast expanse of the Dam and meandering countryside paths. The entire route is well maintained tarmac paths which are easy to navigate and solid under foot. There are several feed station on the run course to keep you well hydrated in the late stages of the race, 

run course.jpg
Dambuster triathlon event site map

Site map

On the access road once you've entered the site via the parking barriers you must turn right into the car park.


You'll be looked after as soon as you arrive at the event site. The team will be ready and waiting on event morning to help you park in the correct place.

Once you're ready to register follow the signposts to event registrations and the start line. 


Please use the footpaths and roadways. Do not climb through event barriers and don't go through the wilderness as a short cut.