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Pacesetter Legacy is our pledge to leave our sports and the communities where we work in a better condition than when we arrived.

Charity support.

Our main charity partner is the Matt Hampson Foundation but we work with several others to promote their work, engage athletes with their cause, help them with their fund-raising targets and where possible, use the events to directly benefit their cause.

Awareness for good causes.

We provide opportunities for promotion and awareness to our audience by offering opportunities to have a presence at our event. 

Volunteering opportunities.

Volunteering is a rewarding, engaging and beneficial endeavour for many people for many reasons. We provide a host of opportunities for a range of people. 

Supporting local businesses where we can.

Many of our event partners are small, local businesses. We create lots of opportunities where they benefit and thrive.

Revenue for the local economy

Our events create hundreds of thousands of pounds in secondary revenue for our local economies. We work with local tourist organisations, businesses and individuals to help deliver information, opportunities and services to our audience. 

2024 action

  • Promote the work of the Matt Hampson foundation and actively encourage fundraising through our entry system via athlete donations.

  • Allocate a number of event places for use in grass roots participation.

  • Donate a number of event places for select charity partners to use as fundraising opportunities. 

  • Engage with our local club network to encourage grass roots participation.

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